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What is A1 – A2 Driver's License? What are the Differences?

A driver's license is an important document that officially permits driving. To get a driver's license, it is necessary to enroll in a driving school and pass both written and physical exams. On the other hand, the driver must be older than 16 depending on the license class. You can have a driver's license starting from class B up to class G to use a car, minibus, pickup truck, tractor, or construction machine. However, if you want to drive a motorcycle or plan to work as a moto courier, it is sufficient to have an A1 or A2 license.

What is A1 Driver's License? What is used?

A1 license can be obtained from the age of 16 to drive a motorcycle. The cylinder volume of the motorcycle to be used with this license class should not exceed 125 cubic centimeters and its power should not exceed 11 kilowatts. You can drive a two- or three-wheeled motorcycle with an A1 license.

What is A2 Driver's License? What is used?

A2 driver's license is also a driver's license required to use a motorcycle and can be obtained from the age of 18. You can work as a motorcycle courier with an A2 license where motorcycles between 125cc and 600cc can be used.

How to Get A1 and A2 Driving License?

n order to get an A1 and A2 driver's license, you must first enroll in a driving school. Then, you must complete and submit the documents required by the private driving school affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. Then you must attend the trainings to be given so that you can get a passing grade in the written exam. Candidates who pass the written exam successfully are entitled to get a driver's license if they are successful after taking the driving training and taking the driving exam.

What are the Differences Between A1 and A2 Driving Licenses?

The most obvious difference between A1 and A2 driver's licenses is the age limit at which a driver's license can be obtained. While this age limit is 16 for A1 driver's license, you must be at least 18 years old for A2 driver's license. You can also drive motorcycles between 50cc and 125cc with an A1 driver's license, and motorcycles between 125cc and 600cc with an A2 driver's license.

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