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What is P1 – P2 Authorization Certificate? How to Buy?

The businesses that will distribute for commercial purposes must fulfill some conditions. The businesses that want to distribute must first obtain an authorization certificate. After receiving the authorization certificate, you can make official distribution and employ personnel. On the other hand, depending on the type of distribution to be made, a P1 or P2 authorization certificate must be obtained.

Since moto couriers, also known as motorcycle couriers, also make distribution, they usually want to get detailed information about whether or not they get an authorization certificate. However, these authorization certificates are valid for those who will be distribution operators and are not given to employees.

What is P1 Authorization Certificate? To Whom Is It Given?

P1 authorization certificate is a document given to businesses that will make distribution within the province. If you are going to provide the delivery service in your province, you must obtain a P1 authorization certificate. On the other hand, natural or legal persons who will operate in distribution operations must fulfill certain conditions. In order to obtain the P1 authorization certificate, it is required as to have at least 5 self-owned motor vehicles and a capital of 12.000 TL. At the same time, it is necessary to have at least 5 distribution personnel and to have the right to use an immovable that is suitable for storage, loading and unloading situations within the borders of the city where the center is located.

What is P2 Authorization Certificate? To Whom Is It Given?

P2 authorization certificate is given to businesses that will make domestic transportation. Real or legal persons who will apply for the P2 authorization certificate must have at least 30 self-owned motor vehicles and a capital of 25,000 TL. The conditions of owning the immovable property mentioned above are also valid in this authorization document. However, those who will receive P2 authorization certificate must also have branches in 7 geographical regions or at least 2 provinces.

How to Get P1 – P2 Authorization Certificate?

Those who want to obtain a P1 or P2 authorization certificate, after fulfilling the necessary conditions, must prepare the required documents and apply to one of the regional directorates of the Ministry of Transport. After the application, you can get your document after paying the document fee to the account opened by the ministry on your behalf.

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