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How to Become a Vigo Courier?

vigo, an innovative solution for business owners, provides fast delivery of orders to customers by matching orders from digital networks with moto couriers as an innovative delivery platform. Vigo, which is suitable for every brand that wants to provide instant delivery service to its customers, continues to employ couriers in line with increasing demands.

What are the vigo Recruitment Requirements?

Many people who want to be a motorcycle courier and want to do it within Vigo are wondering about the conditions of employment. If you want to start a job as a moto courier, you must have an A1 or A2 driver's license. On the other hand, we need to point out that you don't need a motorcycle to get a job. Of course, people with motorcycles can do courier services with their own vehicles. However, for this, the motorcycle must be at least 2012 model and its engine volume must be 110 CC and above. People who do not have a motorcycle can work using the tools within Vigo after being hired. On the other hand, you do not need to have a sole proprietorship at the application stage. If your application is approved and you are hired, you can open a sole proprietorship at this stage.

How to Apply for vigo?

In order to apply for the Vigo moto courier position, you must first click on the "Work with Us" tab on the site and fill out the application form on the screen. In the application form, you must write information such as your name and surname, as well as information such as e-mail, mobile phone, the position and location you want to work in, in the relevant fields. You should also answer the question of whether you have a criminal record. After you fill out the application form and your application is approved, the relevant department will contact you. The required documents are as follows:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver's License
  • Criminal Records
  • Identity Register Copy
  • Tax Form
  • Place of Residence
  • Driver Penalty Score Inquiry
  • License (For those who work with their own motorcycle)

What are vigo Working Hours?

Vigo working hours are determined by the field managers and are arranged not to exceed 12 hours per day. Working hours determined on a rotating basis start at 08:00 in the morning and last until 00:00 at night. During this period, the hours at which you will do your 12-hour shift will be determined by your manager.

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