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7 Qualities Wanted in Moto Courier Personnel

There are some technical and personal qualities you must have to work as a motorcycle courier. Anyone with the necessary motivation can become a moto courier. The 7 most prominent features of moto couriers are as follows:

A Driver’s License

The first feature that those who want to work as a moto courier should have is a license to use a motorcycle. There are 2 types of A driver’s licenses. A2 is the most used of the A driver’s licenses, which are divided into A1 and A2. A1 licenses are invalid after a certain engine size.

Driving Ability

Moto couriers, who stay in traffic for about 10 hours a day during their work, need to move skillfully in the city, master the motorcycle and move skillfully in traffic. For this reason, it is a great advantage for them to be proficient in the use of motorcycles.

Navigation Domination

Moto couriers who will deliver to many addresses in the city must have a good command of navigation. Although it is not a problem in small areas, couriers working in big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara may waste time searching for the closest distance between their delivery addresses themselves. By using navigation, they can follow the closest routes, road works, traffic density and many factors and use their time in the most efficient way.

Communication Skills

Moto couriers meet and dialogue with many people during their deliveries during the day. It is important that they have strong communication skills and use Turkish properly in order to be able to communicate well with the problems that may occur with the customer.

Having Patience

This feature, which is related to the communication skills mentioned in article 4, is a feature that is required especially in tensions that may occur in traffic and in negative situations that may be experienced with the customer. Since the courier who delivers is also the representative of the company he works for, he should maintain his calmness and take a calm decision in adverse situations.


The smiling faces of the moto couriers, who deal with many people, are welcomed by the customers and contribute to a positive experience with the courier. Customers who encounter the good manners of the moto courier can continue to use the courier and company.

Sense of Responsibility

Moto couriers, who are responsible for the safety of the packages they carry and the delivery as received, avoid actions and moves that will damage the packages if they have a sense of responsibility. Motorcycle couriers who act without taking responsibility for the package they are carrying may be in trouble if the package is damaged.

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