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How to Become a Moto Courier?

Today, special education conditions are not sought to be one of the moto couriers, which has started to be preferred especially in big cities. Anyone who has the necessary license and considers himself suitable for this job can apply to be a courier. To become a motorcycle courier, you can use your own motorcycle or work with a company motorcycle.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Moto Courier?

  • Since motorcycle couriers deliver to multiple addresses during the day, they must have a command of navigation in order to determine the correct routes or to use them for deliveries to a region where they have not been before.
  • If he works in an unfamiliar area, he should definitely explore that area.
  • Although the most important feature of moto couriers is fast delivery, they should pay attention to the speed limit in traffic and obey all traffic rules.
  • Couriers must have strong communication skills as they will be in constant contact with people throughout their tenure.
  • Couriers are responsible for the safety of the product they carry until the delivery of the product.
  • It should prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • It should give importance to the confidentiality of the customer's information and pay attention to its confidentiality.

What are the Requirements to Become a Moto Courier?

  • The most important condition of being a moto courier is to have the necessary driver's license. Motorcycle couriers are people who have an A1 or A2 driver's license.
  • A university degree is not required for moto couriers.
  • Young people, between the ages of 18-29, are preferred, as it is a job that requires constant movement.
  • There is no gender discrimination in moto couriers, anyone can be a courier.
  • The streets and streets of the city where the person who will be a moto courier works; He must know the fastest and most convenient routes he can use.
  • Since the moto couriers will be in traffic all the time, there should be no problems with their eyesight and hearing.
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