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Motorcycle Types and Features

Those who want to escape from the increasing traffic density and the loss of time in traffic see motorcycles as an escape route. With the increase of moto couriers in the pandemic, the number of motorcycles increasing in traffic; It is divided into models according to the purpose of use, region and many other factors.

What is a Motorcycle? What are the Motorcycle Types?

Motorcycles are vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels, modern models with an engine, which first emerged with the attempts of attaching engines to bicycles in the late 1800s. They are used for various purposes in transportation, transportation, field and many areas.

Motorcycle types,

  • Commuter motor
  • Scooter motor
  • Touring motor
  • Naked motor
  • Enduro motor
  • Supersport motor
  • Cruise/Chopper motor

can be sorted.

What are the Features of Motorcycles?

The features of motorcycles differ according to the model. Features such as comfort, speed, fuel consumption vary depending on the purpose and on what kind of ground the motorcycle is used.

  • Commuter: The Commuter type is the first choice for those who want to try motorcycle riding. That's why it's called a beginner bike. Engine displacement is 250 cc and below. It is the most suitable type of motorcycle for city use. Fuel consumption is low due to low engine power. It is light. It is the type of motorcycle most preferred by couriers due to its ease of use and low fuel consumption in the city. Also called courier engine.
  • Scooter: It is one of the most preferred types of motorcycles with its automatic, small-sized models and pocket-friendly features. It is produced for city use. It is very comfortable sitting. It is used as a courier engine by couriers as it provides fast and easy transportation in the city. Except for motorcycle couriers, the Vespa model is especially popular among young girls due to its ease of use.
  • Touring:Touring motorcycles are built for long road trips. The motorcycle is close to the ground, its parts have been produced by keeping the comfort in the foreground. There are even models with air conditioning for the second passenger. Backrest area, platform for stowing bags and many attachments are available on most models. It is suitable for long journeys in terms of sitting and viewing area. Driving in the city can be tiring.
  • Naked:The most important feature of these types, which are produced for use on asphalt and are not land-friendly, is that they do not have any other parts other than the necessary parts for motorcycles such as batteries, headlights, and tanks. It has no wind-blocking fairings. It is a genre preferred by those who love to speed. It is similar to the Supersport in terms of power, maneuverability and cornering ability, so they are often referred to together. Engine displacement is around 600cc. Fuel consumption is high
  • Enduro: Enduro motorcycles, which were produced with the aim of adapting to multiple road conditions, are a preferred type for use in the field. Enduros, which have several sub-models, also have models suitable for use on flat asphalt. It is known for being quite high from the ground. Engine displacement is between 125 cc and 1000 cc. It has high traction power. Since the driver sits upright, it provides convenience in terms of driving and vision.
  • Supersport: Originally intended for use as a racing motorcycle, the Supersport motorcycle type was released for normal use with a few changes after gaining much attention. Although it is not a common species in Turkey, it attracts a lot of attention in traffic. It is one of the few motorcycles that can approach the 300 km/h limit. The amount of fuel consumed to reach this speed limit is quite high. There are varieties between 600 cc and 1000 cc in the market. Since it is used by leaning forward, it may give a feeling of discomfort during long-term driving. It has high cornering and gripping capabilities.
  • Cruiser/Chopper: Although not very common in Turkey, the type of motorcycle seen in American movies with leather jackets, used by rebel-looking gangs and made famous by the Harley-Davidson brand is called Cruiser, nicknamed Chopper. The type that emerges when the motorcycle owner designs it according to his own taste is also called Custom. Engine sizes vary depending on the brand. It can be 1000 cc or more. Since the feet are in the same position as the wrists, it may disturb the driver on long journeys, it is more suitable for short trips. Fuel consumption is high.
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