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What are the Courier Types?

Today, we can easily do many things from the comfort of our home, from food order to grocery order, from flower order to gift delivery. In such cases, couriers are used to deliver orders for businesses. Couriers, on the other hand, can deliver their deliveries in different ways. Continue reading our article for detailed information about courier types.

What is Walking Courier ?

Walking couriers, which have become more common lately, are mostly responsible for delivering small packages such as documents. Walking couriers, who deliver without using any vehicle, usually work in a single region and make deliveries there.

What is Moto Courier?

Motorcycle courier is one of the most used courier services today. Moto couriers take delivery of any documents, cargo or food to be delivered and deliver them to the customer. Moto couriers, which can easily avoid vehicular traffic, they can make deliveries quickly on time.

What is Car Courier ?

Vehicle couriers are responsible for delivering packages or documents by vehicle for various brands and businesses. They pick up documents and packages from their location and then deliver them to their designated address. Vehicle couriers are ideal for large deliveries that are often difficult to transport by motorcycle or bicycle.

What it Bike Courier ?

Bicycle couriers are people who transport and deliver goods by bicycle. Cycling couriers, who make documents or other deliveries on time and safely, can quickly navigate through congested city traffic, easily passing vehicles. On the other hand, bicycle couriers, which do not increase the number of vehicles in traffic, have a positive effect to on environmental pollution.

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